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Monday, 3 August 2020

 As you may know, the 14th International ICT Awards Philippines (ICTA) Gala Night  event had been rescheduled on 22 June 2020 on assumption that all quarantine restrictions would by that date have been lifted.  With subsequent GCQ starting on June 1 for Metro Manila with certain restrictions on travel and gatherings still continuing as well as the need for social distancing, both date and format for the 2020 International ICT Awards have now been changed given these circumstances.

    After consultation with the two Title Sponsors and Board of Trustees of Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, the Organizing Committee has decided that:

  1. The 2020 ICTA will be staged this year with minimal delay.
  2. Given continuing conditions the 2020 ICTA will be in virtual format as a TV Special aired in prime time.
  3. The TV Special will be augmented with feeds to other media for widest possible viewer audience.
  4. There will be no changes in the Award Categories and Judging Criteria for each award with these as already announced for the originally scheduled event.
  5. All eligible nominations submitted by the extended deadline for the originally scheduled event will be retained with no requirement for re-submission.
  6. No additional nominations will be accepted.
  7. Prepaid Gala Night reservations will be refunded unless refund is waived by the pre-payor.
  8. Sponsorship packages will be adjusted taking into account the change in format and range of publicity now to be provided.
  9. The TV Special will be scheduled on August 3 to allow adequate time for preparation and production.

Any immediate questions should be by email to the Organizing Committee at:  <>.

  The Organizing Committee looks forward to providing the 14th International ICT Award - Philippines in 2020 using the latest entertainment technology to make this virtual event even more exciting for all participants!

Chair, Organizing Committee
14th International ICT Awards-Philippines



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