The International ICT Awards Philippines was launched in 2007 by The Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (CanCham), recognizes outstanding companies in achieving excellence in ICT services

Over the years the event has grown, matured, and received ever-widening recognition internationally as well as within the Philippines. The award categories  have increased in number and been adjusted to reflect growth and changes in the ICT industry. It has grown steadily in size, range and stature every year since and is now widely recognized as the most prestigious ICT Awards event in the Philippines.

The theme for 2020 will be “Transcending Excellence”. In addition to continuing the Premier and Select Category Awards, the scope of the ICT Awards will be expanded significantly to include awards for the best companies using ICT services in a wide range of priority sectors. In further recognition of the wider ICT sector coverage, industry associations will be invited to be Sector Partners to support and publicize the sector awards in the upcoming year.

Winning at the International ICT Awards Philippines 2020 will be more challenging as standards for the award categories are being raised. To be eligible to be nominated for a Premier Award, companies will also have to be nominated for a finalist for at least one of the other select or sector category awards. They will also need to have been in operations for at least three years.

A company’s support to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) will also be incorporated in the judging criteria for all categories to recognize the potential role of the private sectorial support to the SDGs. A new third Premier Award will be inaugurated to Best Support for Sustainable Development.

The prestigious endorsements by the Department of Information Communications and Technology (DICT), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) in 2019 have assured the stature of the ICT Awards as the premier ICT Awards program in the Philippines. Repeat official endorsements will be sought for the 2020 event.

The already highly respected and objective judging process will be augmented with the introduction of a preliminary stage of independent verification to ensure the nominations match the eligibility criteria and that all information needed are complete for judging.  The launching of the expanded categories and judging criteria will be published three months earlier in September prior to nominations being opened from January 1-31, 2020 in order to facilitate documentation and process preparations of nominations in the increasingly broad and competitive environment.

Prior to the Awards Gala Night in 2020, three pre-events will be scheduled – a “Media Launch” to formally inaugurate the start of the ICT Awards 2020 and an “Appreciation Reception” event in November 2019 to recognize the ICT Awards 2019 winners, and a “Closing of Nominations Reception” event in February 2020 to give recognition to the nominees of the ICT Awards in 2020. The Gala event as the culmination of the International ICT Awards Philippines will be streamlined to accommodate the increased number of categories with fewer but more spectacular entertainment and grander raffle prizes.

This 2020, the award categories will be as follows:

Premier Awards

  • Best Company of the Year
  • Best Employer of the Year
  • Best Support for Sustainable Development

Select Category Awards (Origin/Status-Based)

  • Best Filipino-Owned Company of the Year
  • Best Foreign-Owned Company of the Year
  • Best Company Outside the National Capital Region
  • Best Start-Up Company of the Year
  • Most Innovative Company of the Year
  • Best Contact Center & BPO Company of the Year
  • Best Global In-House Services Company of the Year
  • Best Software Development and Information Technology Company of the Year

Sector Category Awards (Industry-Based)

  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Accounting
  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Agribusiness
  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Creatives
  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Education
  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Health
  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Manufacturing
  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Tourism
  • Best Company of the Year for ICT Services for Transportation

Special Awards

  • Best Front-Line Team of the Year in an IT-BPM Company
  • Hall of Fame