Changes in 2016


Continuity and change in the 2016 International ICT Awards:
What is the same and what is changed?

Award Categories and Criteria for judging for awards:
All award categories featured in 2015 are repeated again in 2016 with no changes in these categories;
Criteria for judging nominations in each repeated award category in 2016 are unchanged from 2015;
A new award category for the Most Popular Team Leader in the BPM industry is added in 2016; and
Selection of the Most Popular Team Leader in BPM industry will be by on-line voting.

Appointment of Judges Panel and Judging Panel procedures;
Selection, appointment, and term of members of the Judging Panel in 2016 are unchanged from 2015;
Judging Panel procedures in 2016 are unchanged from 2015;
Grounds for appeal of decisions of the Judging Panel and procedure are unchanged from 2015; and
Confidentiality of membership of the Judging Panel until Awards Night is unchanged from 2015.

Eligibility for nominations:
Eligibility for nomination in all award categories repeated from 2015 is unchanged from 2015: and
Eligibility for nomination for Most Popular Team Leader in BPM industry to be announced in January, 2016.

Format for submitting nominations:
As in 2015, all nominations MUST be submitted on line to the designated ICT Awards URL address; and
As in 2015, all nominations MUST be submitted in the mandatory format set for each award category.

Announcement of Finalist for each category and required attendance to receive an award:
As in 2015, Finalists in each category will be announced at the Gala Event on March 22, 2016; and
As in 2015, only Finalists in attendance at the Gala Event will be eligible to receive an award.

Cost of tickets to attend the 2016 International ICT Awards and Gala Dinner:
The costs of a single tickets remains unchanged at PHP 3,000 with an “Early Bird” cost of PHP 2,500;
The cost of a table ticket for 10 remains unchanged at PHP 27,000; and
A new “Early Bird” table-ticket for 10 is offered at PHP 22,500 as a 10th Anniversary Special.

Venue of International Awards 2016 and Gala Dinner and program:
The 10th anniversary event will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila;
There will be an enhanced range of entertainment between presentations of awards;
There will be more major door and raffle prizes for attendees; and
There will be real-time on-line e-voting at the event for the Most Popular Team Leader in the BPM Industry.

Sponsorship packages have been enhanced to offer a wider range of opportunities and benefits