CanCham in consultation with IBPAP reviews all aspects of the ICT Awards event each year to identify where improvements can be made to make participation more relevant, more value-added, and more enjoyable for all involved. The review covers both scope and criteria of awards as well as procedures for nominations, judging, and presentation. It takes into account feedback CanCham has received from nominees, judges, and sponsors as well as evolving best practices in industry awards to ensure credibility and integrity of the event. Taking into account the review and feedback received, changes in scope, categories, and procedures are made each year.

The following major changes and new features have been incorporated for the 2015 event:

  1. In general, an increased emphasis has been placed to recognize “Technology”, the “T” in ICT.
  2. The “Non-voice category” has been replaced by more specific IT-BPM specialized emerging sectors.
  3. New categories recognizing excellence in software development and on mobile app development have been added.
  4. A new category to recognize the leadership role of CEOs has been added.
  5. The wording of many of the Judging Criteria has been simplified.
  6. In some cases the Judging Criteria related to performance over the prior year is to be given in percentage rather than absolute value terms.
  7. There is a clarification that nominations may not be submitted by officers and staff of CanCham, officers and staff of IBPAP, or by sponsors (as well as not by judges, as stated for the 2014 event).
  8. There is a clarification that in submitting nominations online; all fields for Judging Criteria format must be followed/filled (if even just with a statement “Not submitted for this nomination”. Nominations will not be accepted if any field is left blank.
  9. Supporting document attached in submitting a nomination online- information must be presented in the applicable/required fields for each of the Judging Criteria of an award category
  10. A change in presentation procedure with Finalists to be announced and recognized at the ICT Awards Gala Night (prior to the announcement of the Winner), with no prior publication before the event as the case in the 2014 and previous events.
  11. A change in presentation procedure with only the Winner to be declared from amongst the Finalists, with no Runner-Up declared.
  12. The registration fee to attend the ICT Awards Gala Night has been reduced from Php 3,500 to Php 3,000.
  13. A new “Early Bird” registration fee for the Gala Event has been added as an option. This is early bird fee is non-refundable.
  14. The location of the ICT Awards Gala Night is now at the Manila Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila.
  15. There will be world-class entertainment for enjoyment of all during the ICT Awards Gala Night.