1. Nomination entries will be accepted from 01 to 31 January 2019 (except nominations for the Best Front-Line Team Award and Best C-Suite categories being accepted until 15 February 2019). NOMINATIONS RECEIVED AFTER 11:59 PM ON THESE DATES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  2. A company can nominate itself or be nominated by another company or individual. However, if nominated by another company or individual, the company being nominated must confirm by email to the Organizing Committee its agreement to be nominated. A team must be nominated by the company in which it is employed.
  3. Nominations must be submitted using the on-line application for this on the International ICT Awards Philippines website. Nominations received as hard copy by hand-delivery, by post-mail, or by facsimile will not be accepted, opened, acknowledged or returned to sender. Nominations received electronically by email addressed directly to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines or to the International ICT Awards Philippines secretariat will not be accepted, opened, acknowledged, or returned to sender. [These restrictions are to ensure that only the Judging Panel and the Panel’s support staff who have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements have access to and are aware of the names of nominees and information given to support nominations.]
  4. Nominations must include an entry in all fields in the on-line application for nominations with “Not applicable”, “Information not available”, or “Confidential information” entered in fields where one of these reasons applies. Nominations submitted with any field left entirely empty will not be accepted by the on-line application until all the fields are completed with some information or with one of these three specific explanations entered. Fields that are completed with the entry “Not applicable”, “Information not available”, or “Confidential information” will be not be given any points allocated for those fields in judging the nomination.
  5. The fields to be completed for nominations for an award in a specific category are related to eligibility and judging criteria set for the specific category. The judges are required by the judging procedures to consider only information included with the nominations submitted in the on-line application for the specific category. The Judging Panel will not review information in other external documentation and/or e-links that require it to review additional information.
  6. If the information submitted on-line is unclear or ambiguous the Judging Panel may at its discretion request the Organizing Committee to obtain specific amplifications and/or clarifications and forward these to the Judging Panel. To ensure integrity of the judging, there shall be no direct communication between members of the Panel and nominees concerning nominations or the judging. Any such direct communication will be grounds for disqualification with a decision on such disqualification at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.
  7. Those preparing nominations may request explanatory information and/or clarifications about the procedures for nominations.  Such requests must be by email addressed to the Organizing Committee not later than 21 January 2018. A summary of each request and response will be posted under FAQs (without the requesting nominee being named) on the International ICT Awards website for all nominees to see and take into account such added information in finalizing nominations.
  8. In addition to the mandatory information required in all fields in the online application for nominations, the on-line application for nominations also allows the nominee to attach: (a) a one-page pdf document with each nomination to provide additional information that the nominee considers relevant (A document attached that is more than one page and/or in any format other than pdf will not be included as information to be in consideration by the Judging Panel); and/or (b) an electronic copy of the nominee company’s latest official and published Annual Report.
  9. A company may be nominated for an award in more than one award category, providing it meets the specific eligibility criteria applicable for the category. In cases where a company is nominated for more than one category, separate nominations must be submitted on-line for each award category and all the fields for each nomination in the applicable category completed with no cross reference required by the Judging Panel or Organizing Committee to review information submitted in a nomination for another award category.
  10. Eligibility for nominations for the two Corporate Team Awards (Best C-Suite and Best Front-line Team) is limited to teams from those companies which was already been nominated for another award in 2019.
  11. A maximum of up to three (3) Finalists will be determined by the Judging Panel for each category and announced at the International ICT Awards Philippines 2019 Gala Night on Thursday, 28 March 2019. The Finalists for an award category will be invited to be on stage at the Gala Night when the winning Finalist amongst them will be then be announced. In addition to the award given the Winner, the other Finalists will be given awards as Runner-Ups in the award category. The Judging Panel may declare no winner for a category, if no nominee passed its criteria.


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