Message from the President of CanCham




Julian H. Payne
29 December 2016

  •  In 2016 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the International ICT Awards Philippines.
  • In 2017 we start a new and second decade with this high profile prestigious event.

The growth of the ICT industry in the Philippines during the last decade has been spectacular. It has been a leading contributor to the recent high growth in the Philippines economy. It has created direct employment for over a million Filipinos (and an estimated indirect employment of at least four million).

One healthy element in the growing ICT industry has been the increasing number of ICT-related conferences and award events. To ensure best value with this growing number such events, the unique and potential value-added contribution of each must be identified, focused on, and exploited. In consultation with our co-organizer, IBPAP, and our two Title Sponsors, we have sharpened our mission for the International ICT Awards Philippines to focus on the best companies and their teams in the ICT industry with our updated mission now being:

  • To inspire excellence in ICT companies and their teams
  • To support sustained growth of the ICT industry in the Philippines

With the maturation of the industry and evolution of other ICT-related conferences and awards events, we have updated our vision for the second decade with our updated vision being to deliver events that:

  • Are focused on recognizing and promoting excellence in companies and their teams
  • Are open and inclusive for all companies in a growing and diversifying industry
  • Enhance the reputations of the industry and the Winners of awards

With this updated mission and vision, we have set as objectives for the 2017, an event::

  • With awards for the best companies and their teams, not for individuals and personalities
  • Open for nominations from all ICT business entities in the Philippines at minimal cost
  • That encourages participation by small as well as large, by new as well as established, companies
  • That gives a profile to the expanding range of new ICT services, not just the traditional
  • That uses ICT applications for submission and processing nominations, not paper
  • With clear eligibility and specific criteria relevant for adjudication of nominations for each award
  • With judging that is objective, without risk of subjective bias, or any conflicts of interest
  • That is transparent and publishes all criteria for awards and all procedures for judging

To implement the updated mission and vision, all the award categories as well as the eligibility and criteria for judging for each award category have been reviewed and updated for 2017. Hi-lights include:

  • Retaining the Best Company of the Year and the Best Employer of the Year as the two premier and top awards with all companies eligible excepting those already in the Hall of Fame.
  • Launching a new Best C-Suite of Year Award to recognize the importance of the Senior Management Team (replacing Best CEO of the Year, given other awards for CEOs as individuals)
  • Launching a new Best First-Time Nominated Company of the Year Award to encourage new wider participation by new nominees.
  • Launching a new Best Mobile App Developer Company t(o replace Best Mobile App of the Year)
  • Launching a new Best Front-line Team of the Year (using on-line voting role and to replacing Best Team Leader of. the Year)
  • Discontinuing the Best Individual Contributor of the Year Award (given the IBPAP Flair Awards that recognizes outstanding contributions of individuals)

The procedures for submitting nominations and judging remain unchanged, having been updated in recent years and widely welcomed as timely, relevant, effective, and efficient.

With these changes – and some exciting entertainment – we look forward to your participation in the 2017 International ICT Awards Philippines and seeing you on March 22, 2017 at the Marriott Resorts World Grand Ballroom.