Message from CanCham President

jhpwith shadow“10th Anniversary and Growing” is a theme that succinctly summarizes the 2016 International ICT Awards.

Looking back ten years, we can applaud the vision that the then Vice President of CanCham, Richard Mills, had in first conceiving the idea of an International ICT Awards event and then successfully launching and guiding it through its initial years.

We can applaud IBPAP under the leadership of its President Jomari Mercado, as the guiding hand in ensuring that the International ICT Awards was able to grow over ten year with the professional advice of this leading association in the ICT services sector that assured its credibility.

Since first launched the International ICT Awards has evolved in both form and substance. In form it has grown steadily as a bigger event with more award categories, more nominations, and growing attendance.  And it has grown in stature as the premier professional award event in the Philippines that recognizes excellence in ICT services. Of note in a recent speech, the President of the Republic cited an individual ICT company as having received an International ICT Award in 2015.

It has also evolved significantly in terms of scope and substance.  The range of award categories has been steadily updated and expanded on the basis of experience and feedback to better reflect the wider range of companies active in the ICT sector as well as the various fields of excellence within the ICT sector. Notably, increased emphasis in recent years has been the establishment of categories that recognizes new and non-traditional ICT companies with greater emphasis on the “T” in ICT.

There have also been major advances in the procedures implementing the International ICT Awards.  A first was to ensure the criteria for judging wards was more transparent, more specific, and more objective.  A second was to require on-line submission of nominations with standardized mandatory fields for supporting information, with this change not only reflecting use of ICT technology in practice but also levelling the playing field for preparation of submissions for companies both large and small.  A third was updating basis for selection of the Judging Panel and Judging Panel procedures that institutionalized judging, assured it was objective and pre-empted conflict of interest.

As we enter the second decade of the International ICT Awards, with the form and substance now firmly and soundly established, we are at an important stage in the evolution of this premier event. The immediate priorities in moving forward and in growth are now to focus on:

  • Expanding the range and number of companies being nominated for each of the various awards.
  • Increasing public awareness, internationally as well as nationally about the International ICT Awards.
  • Further enhancing the prestige and value of winning an award.

Development and growth of the ICT industry, globally as well as in the Philippines, is of fundamental significance in advancing human society as well as in economic and business terms. The ICT industry is dynamic and competitive not just in cost terms but also, much more important, in terms of start-of-the-art concepts, technologies and applications.  The ICT industry in the Philippines must strive to lead the world in provision ICT services that is state of the art expertise and recognition of excellence. CanCham is pleased and proud to continue to produce the International ICT Awards in association with IBPAP as a contribution to the development and growth of the ICT industry in the Philippines, including with this 10th Anniversary International ICT Awards.

Julian H. Payne

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