Introductory Remarks by the CanCham President




Julian H. Payne
5 December 2018


  • Official Launch of the International ICT Awards Philippines 2019
  • Appreciation Reception for 2018 Winners and Sponsors

It is my pleasure as President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, the founder and organizer of the International ICT Awards Philippines, to welcome you all to this official launch of the 13th edition of this prestigious annual event.

First and foremost I would like to welcome senior representatives of Globe Telecom and PLDT, the two exclusive Title Sponsors of the event who join me here at the front table. These two leading telcos have supported the International ICT Awards since its founding and without their generous and continuing support this annual eventwould not be possible a sustainable. A great contribution by these two telcos to the ICT industry for which we give thanks. I would also like to express appreciation to Colliers who has over the years also been a continuous supporter and sponsor of one of the major category awards.

And of course I would be remiss if I did not express appreciation to you, the ladies and gentlemen of the media who cover this event as well as more widely the problems and progress of the Philippine ICT industry. It is you who keep us alert to public issues and the public informed of our progress.

Over the last 13 years theinternational ICT industry in the Philippines has matured and faces new challenges in the global market ranging from low cost competition to high tech Artificial Intelligence, evolving focused initially on communications to ICT being applied in virtually every industrial sector and every aspect of our social life.

Within this globalized and technological context the internationalICT Awards Philippines has also matured and evolved. Looking at the broad picture I note in particular three really significant developments:

  1. In the early years the ICT industry in the Philippines was just emerging as the major sunrise industry in the country and the primary contribution of the ICT Awards was publicizing its emergence and potential. Now the Philippines ICT industry is recognized as a world leader and the primary contribution of the ICT Awards is publicizing its quality and excellence.
  2. In the early years ICT industry and the ICT Awards was concentrated on the ICT industry based in and around metro Manila. Now the ICT industry and the ICT Awards has broadened its profile to include not only the major metro areas of Cebu and Davao but also many other growing industrial hubs such as around Bacolod, Clark, and Iloilo to name three of many.
  3. In the early years thefocus of the emerging ICT industryand the ICT Awards was on voice call service centers and back-office processing centers for off-shore based companies. Now the ICT industry and ICT Awards has expanded its scope and covers a much wider and expanding range of industries

Recognizing this widening geographic scope and broadening of industrial coverage I am delighted to announce today a major doublestep forward in the statusof the International ICT Awards Philippines, specifically, and for the first time, formal endorsement of the event by:

  1. The National ICT Confederation of the Philippines; and
  2. The Department of Information, Communications, and Technology

Without taking too much more of our time I want to very briefly summarize five significant updates in the scope and procedures that have been introduced for the 13th edition of the International ICT Awards in 2019:

  • A new Best Startup Company Category (incorporating Best First-time nominee)
  • A new Best Company for Creatives Category (incorporating Best Company for Mobile App Development and Best Company of the Year for Animation and Game Development)
  • The eligible requirement for Best Company Outside NCR, Best Philippines-Owned Company, Best Start-up Company, Best Creatives Company related to minimum percent offshore revenues reduced from 50% to 25%
  • Under judging criteria for Support by Company of Public Goods an added factor “Facilities established outside the NCR”
  • A minimum 3 nominations required in a Category for an award to be given