Message from President and CEO of IBPAP


Ike Amigo

5 December 2016

Congratulations to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and the International ICT Awards Philippines Organizing Committees for celebrating the Frontrunners of the IT-BPM Industry of the Philippines. IBPAP is proud to be a co-organizer for this event with the Chamber for the past several years. The Awards recognize and acknowledge the innovation, dedication and impact of companies, their teams and their leaders from one of the most progressive industries in the Philippines today – the IT-BPM Industry. These organizations and their teams are responsible for the industry’s accomplishments and stellar performance over the last decade.

The Philippines is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the IT-BPM Industry continues to be one of the strongest industries this nation has produced. Employing more than 1.15 million Filipinos and generating a revenue of almost 23 billion US dollars, the Philippine IT-BPM industry continues to put the Philippines on the map by providing a unique set of offerings from customer relationship management to technology interventions and service delivery innovations to various geographies all over the world. Equally as significant is the Ripple Effect that our industry creates for the rest of our economy by presenting a multiplier of more than 3 additional jobs for every direct job created by the industry.

IBPAP has recently launched the Accelerate PH Roadmap 2022 and we project the creation of over 100,000 high-value jobs every year generating approximately $40 billion in revenue by 2022. How is this going to happen? It is through the proper execution of High Impact Programs identified by the Roadmap, which mandate interventions and initiatives across human capital development, the impact of technology, inclusive growth, SME and startups, government relations, and country competitiveness. The Roadmap also provides guidance in terms of establishing best practices in association management and governance, which includes enhancing relationships such as our partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines to pursue such impactful collaborations such as the ICT Awards Philippines.

As we accelerate to higher value and innovative services, the ICT Awards will serve as a platform to recognize companies and teams who will blaze the Roadmap 2022 trail. With everyone’s collective efforts, we are positioned to create a bigger, better ICT-enabled Philippines.

What we have to remember is that the road to excellence never ends and technology is ever-evolving. Once you are an inspiration for others, where do you go next? For those who were and who will be nominated, we congratulate you for your tireless efforts in pursuing excellence. For all past winners and nominees, may you continue to be a beacon for the rest of the industry members to follow.

Congratulations and thank you once again to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and the International ICT Awards Committee for the partnership and for your continued support of the Philippine IT-BPM industry. Let us continue to inspire one another to achieve the goals set forth by the Accelerate PH Roadmap 2022 to realize a Digital Philippines.