Criteria for selection of the Compliance Officer and Procedures for Screening

Key elements to ensure the success of the International ICT Awards Philippines (IICTAP) are well-defined and published criteria for the selection of the Panel of Judges, guidelines for judging, and appeal procedures. The judging process depends on confirmation that the nominees are fully compliant with eligibility requirements, complete information is submitted with the nominations, and the information is factually correct.

An Independent Compliance Officer (Compliance Officer) will be appointed for each annual IICTAP event to:

      • Review all nomination submissions before the judging to confirm eligibility and advise to the Organizing Committee on the fulfilment of all eligibility requirements in nomination submissions;
      • Ensure the completeness of the information in nomination submissions; and
      • Confirm to the best of his/her judgement the basic information submitted appears factually correct

Criteria for appointment of the Compliance Officer:

  1. The Compliance Officer will be a professional with the expertise needed to verify information submitted with nominations for IICTAP awards in accordance with stated eligibility and information requirements.
  2. The Compliance Officer may be from within the ICT industry or from outside said industry but shall have at least relevant technical, legal and/or auditing background.
  3. The Compliance Officer will be appointed on the recommendation of the Organizing Committee and be approved by the Board of Trustees of the Organizer.
  4. The Compliance Officer shall have no other role in submitting or advising on nominations, judging nominations, providing sponsorships, or in the presentation of the IICTAP event.
  5. There will normally be a term limit of two consecutive years for the same Compliance Officer.
  6. The Compliance Officer must agree to and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to prevent the disclosure of the nomination entries and any information therein except to announce the validity and completeness of entries for each category;
  7. If a Compliance Officer has any real or perceived conflict of interest with a Nominee, the Compliance Officer shall advise the Chairman of the Organizing Committee at least five working days before the screening process begins. Conflict of interest shall be deemed to include, but will not be limited to, having a business relationship and/or being related to a nominee (by affinity or consanguinity).
  8. The criteria for appointment of the Compliance Officer and role shall be public and posted on the IICTAP website.


Procedures for implementing the compliance review process

  1. The Compliance Officer will be allocated at least three (3) weeks after Close of Nominations to confirm eligibility of Nominations and to validate completeness of required information submitted with nominations.
      • The first week is intended for the checking and validating the eligibility of submitted nominations.
      • The remaining two weeks are intended to validate completeness and factual accuracy of information.
  2. In cases where the Compliance Officer determines a nomination is ineligible for an award category, he/she shall immediately report this to the Organizing Committee for further disposition.
  3. In cases where the Compliance Officer determines that information submitted is incomplete in meeting the information requirements for an award the Compliance Officer shall report this to the Organizing Committee, who may request the additional information from the nominee. If the nominee does not provide the information requested, then the nomination will be disqualified by the Organizing Committee.
  4. The Compliance Officer under no circumstances is to disclose any information provided to him/her about nominations except to the Organizing Committee, the Judging Panel, Judging Auditor, and/or the Judging Appeal Board if so requested.
  5. Once finished, the Compliance Officer must advise the Organizing Committee and the Judging Auditor of the results before the Organizing Committee submits the nominations to the Judging Panel for adjudication.
  6. Final verifications of the nomination entries will include a short statement summarizing the results.
  7. Final verifications will be recorded and noted by Chairman of the Organizing.
  8. If and when appeals on judging decisions are submitted to the Appeal Board, the Compliance Officer may be called to provide clarification about the nominations that the Compliance Officer has verified