To recognize the most outstanding company in the Philippines in the ICT industry for promoting the use of advanced ICT in the information technology and software development industry, developing and/or producing for information technology and software development services that is an inspirational role model for the Philippine business community and internationally.



Companies based in the Philippines and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) that provided services for information technology and software development to international markets.

The company must include in their submission their latest published Official Annual Report and/or Audited Financial Report (if this is not included in the Annual Report).

To be eligible to be the Winner, an Official Representative of the Company must attend the International ICT Awards Philippines 2020 Gala Night on April 2, 2020 to accept the award in person.

There must be  at least three (3) eligible nominations received under this category for an award to be given. If not, nominations submitted will be returned with this explanation.



The company must have earned at least 25% of its gross revenue from providing ICT services for information technology and software development to offshore clients or to in-house company units outside the Philippines during the company’s last reported financial year and audit.



Based on the company’s last reported financial year and audit.

Growth of the company [15%]

  • Percent increase in gross revenue earned in the Philippines
  • Percent increase in client volume
  • Percent increase in full-time employees in the Philippines
  • Percent increase in office space in the Philippines

Size, quality, and diversity of clientele [15%]

  • Volume of client business (number, revenue, transactions)
  • Quality of service (awards, citations, testimonials)
  • Diversity of services provided and geographic spread of clients

Depth and breadth of competencies [15%]

  • Public recognition by clients & employees
  • Certification including ISO and Industry standards
  • Practices, processes, technologies, employee qualifications

Company HR Management [15%]

  • Results achieved by managers
  • Investment in HR management systems
  • Development programs for future HR managers

Support by company of public goods [15%]

  • Policies and/or programs that support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Percent increase in gross expenditures for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives
  • Promotion of anti-corruption and good governance
  • Promotion of Philippine ICT industry
  • Operations established in the Philippines outside NCR
  • Sustainability strategy (in the event of calamity/natural disasters)

Other additional information [15%]

  • Other factual information that the nominee considers relevant

In 300 words or less, why your company should be considered the Best Software Development and Information Technology Company of the Year [10%]


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