The Organizing Committee requires summaries of all questions received by the Secretariat from potential nominees, nominees and the interested public as well as the answers to be posted under FAQs on the International ICT Awards Philippines website so no single nominee can benefit from an answer not also known to all competitors. All questions and answers are posted without attribution to the source, except questions which the Organizing Committee deems to be irrelevant, politically partisan, in bad taste, or prejudicial to the integrity of judging (which it reserves the right not to post). The list also includes questions anticipated by the Organizing Committee to be of probable interest. You click in the link below, list of FAQs received in prior years. Where possible, similar questions have been consolidated as single general questions to reduce the number of questions that have to be posted. The list of questions have been re-ordered with similar questions grouped in sequence. Further questions are welcome from nominees and the public. A question will be posted by the Secretariat as an addition to this FAQ list with answer as soon as an answer is received from the Organizing Committee.  Please email questions to or



Q & As as of 30 November 2021:


Q9. Will there be further changes in Eligibility and Judging Criteria before the opening date for Nominations?

A9. It is most unlikely there will be any major changes. There may be further minor editorial changes of a non-substantive nature if these are essential for clarity. However potential Nominees are advised to check that their supporting documentation is based of the final final  Eligibility and Judging Criteria that is posted as of the January 1, 2022 opening date for nominations. 


Q8. What are the most significant changes?

A8. The most significant change is the use of the terminology "....ICT-enabled provision of services..." instead of "ICT services...," and/or"....ICT industry..." in referring to activities that are the intended focus of IICTAP and of the various specific awards. This change has been made given that the terms "ICT industry" and "ICT industry" have become impossible to define for IICTAP to use as a focus as "ICT" is now used in almost all, if not all, business activities and industry sectors. 


Q7. Have there been any changes in the Eligibility and Judging Criteria for 2022 event since the launch on October 30, 2021?

A7. Yes.  A number of changes are scheduled on Nov 30, 2021. While there are no changes in the range of award categories open, there have been changes in some award titles, in some eligibility criteria,  in some judging criteria, and in some of the weightings given to some judging criteria. The changes have been made to clarify ambiguities, to ensure consistency of criteria across the range of awards in cases where differences are not required, and of an editorial nature.


Q6. Will there be changes in the Eligibility and/or Judging Criteria announced and posted on October 30, 2021?

A6. Yes.  Every year there are some changes made between launch and Opening Date for submission of Nominations to correct factual errors, clarify ambiguities, and/or to improve the user-friendliness of the criteria. Only in the most  exceptional circumstances are changes made after Opening Date for nominations.


Q5. Who will be the Title Sponsor in 2022?

A5. Invitations to potential sponsors are now being sent out following the official launch on October 30. Offers by potential sponsors to be Title Sponsor  and/or sponsor for one  the 15 Category Awards are accepted on a first-offer received  basis after 2021 sponsors are given first right of refusal (until November 30) to sponsor the event sponsored in 2021.


Q4. Is the IICTAP in 2022 again endorsed by DICT, PEZA  and NICP?

A4. DICT, PEZA, and NICP are being invited to be Endorsers for the fourth consecutive year and another government department with interests in supporting ICT is being invited as to be a fourth Endorser for the first time. We have received positive replies but await formal confirmation before announcing all on a single date.


Q3. Who are the judges for the 2022 event?

A3.  The names of the seven members of the Judging Panel for an IICTAP event are not made public until the day the finalists and winner are announced at the event. The guidelines used for the selection of members of the Judging Panel and the judging procedures are public and posted on the IICTAP website.


Q2. Will the requirement established for the 2021 event that to be eligible for a Premier Award, a company must be a Finalist in at least one other award category?

A2. Yes this requirement will be applied for the 2022 event. For this reason companies are encouraged to be nominated for awards in all other award categories for which they are eligible, including either for " Best Filipino-owned Company" or fir "Best Foreign-owned Company.


Q1. Can a company be nominated for more than one award?

A1. Yes a company can be nominated for as many awards as it is eligible. Further all companies are encouraged to include nominations as applicable for either " Best Filipino-owned Company" or "Best Foreign-owned company" as this assures eligibility in one or the other (providing other standard eligibility requirements are met).