74 Nominations received for the 15th International ICT Awards Philippines

Manila – 12 March 2021. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee for 2021 International ICT Awards Philippines (IICTAP), Mr. Julian Payne, has announced that 74 nominations for awards had been received for the 15 award categories. The IICTAP has been the leading business awards programs in the Philippines to recognize and promote excellence by companies providing ICT services internationally. It has been organized annually by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines for 15 years since 2007 to promote and recognize ICT services industry and excellence in the Philippines.

He reported that, in accord with the published procedure, the Independent Compliance Officer had completed the required review of all nominations received with 74 confirmed as fully eligible.

He further reported that the independent Judging Panel will now start the adjudication process with this scheduled to be completed by March 31. In accordance with the established procedure, the names of the members of the Judging Panel will also be released on the day the Finalists and Winners are announced. The procedure for selecting judges and adjudication is published on the IICTAP website at www.ictawards.org.ph. The eligibility and judging criteria for the various awards are also on the website.

He also advised that the Organizing Committee had rescheduled the date for the announcement of the Winners from then Saturday, April 10 to Saturday, June 19 to allow more time for preparations of a TV show at which the Winners and Finalists will be announced to the public. He also advised that the awarding ceremony, which will be prerecorded and streamed on Facebook, will be rescheduled on Tuesday, June 29.