Manila October 23, 2020 – The 15th IICTAP will be staged in 2021 with a new two-part format open for worldwide viewing. Finalists and Winners will be announced on a nation-wide TV show on April 10, 2021 with extravagant entertainment. Winners and Finalists will be awarded trophies at a celebrity dinner on April 15, 2021 in their honor in a premier hotel.   Both parts will be streamed live on Facebook as well as being posted on Facebook and You Tube for one month for further viewing.  In announcing the new format with the dates for the two 2021 events, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Julian Payne, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (CanCham, the Organizer of the annual event) said “We are moving forward and changing with the changing times and new opportunities to project the excellence of ICT service providers in the Philippines. We cannot continue business as usual.”

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee also announced that the award categories have been updated to match the ever-widening use of digital services and that sponsorship options had been streamlined to facilitate expanded support by emerging new stakeholders as well as traditional supporters.  He  confirmed that the 2021 IICTAP has again been honored to receive official endorsements for the third consecutive year by the DICT, PEZA, and NICP who, he said, clearly recognized the dynamic role of the event as an incentive for excellence by ICT services providers.

The Organizing Committee announced that

On Friday October 30, 2020 the following information will be posted on the IICTAP website at

• Updated award categories
• Criteria for judging each category
• Updated nominating procedure
• New sponsorship options and opportunities

On Friday November 13, 2020  a ZOOM webinar will be scheduled for potential nominees to ask questions about the categories, judging criteria and nominating procedures, with questions submitted in writing without attribution and  also to be posted and answered on the FAQ of the IICTAP website for the wider public.

On Friday January 1, 2021 the IICTAP website app for nominations will be opened to receive online nominations for the 2021 awards (with submission of nominations through this channel mandatory for all nominations). The deadline for receiving Nominations will be Sunday, January 31, 2021.

In announcing the new format and dates, Mr. Payne said “We learned a lot with our first virtual event in 2020. With the very successful TV show format we had an independent estimate of about 500,000 households and offices tuned in with up to an estimated two million viewers compared with the under 500 at events in prior years. It is this wider exposure that we want to project the excellence of international ICT services that the Philippines offers the world, to publicize Winners and Finalists, and to acknowledge Sponsors that support this 100% private sector funded event.”

He added “However we realized that a virtual awarding ceremony needed to include the personal networking potential that the traditional dinner format provided. So we are adding the separate awarding event in dinner format for Finalists and Winners to be presented with their trophies, to meet, and to be congratulated by Endorsers and Category Sponsors”.

He also emphasized that “Maintaining the widely respected integrity of IICTAP in accepting eligible nominations and judging remains of paramount importance to ensure the value of the awards for the Winners and Finalists.” He further noted that “To ensure there is no real or perceived conflicts of interest, nominations are not accepted from the Endorsers, Sponsors, Judges, or CanCham officers and employees” and he confirmed that Mr. Monchito Ibrahim has again been appointed by the Organizer as the Independent Compliance Officer for the 15th IICTAP in 2021.

For more information contact:

Ms Heidi Del Pilar, IICTAP Organizing Committee  at or (63)920-9748405 | (63)917-8069151